Window Decal Categories

Window Decal Categories

 Vinyl Window Graphics Help Filter UV Rays Without Blocking Visibility!


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ClearVue Graphics

How do these graphics allow you to see through them?

These graphics are printed on a mechanically perforated vinyl material. The material is 50% material and 50% holes. The human eye picks up light reflected from objects. This material capitalizes on this fact. From outside your eyes see the light reflected off the colorful, high resolution graphics, blending the holes. It looks like a solid image. The adhesive side, which faces inside is black. When you look out from the inside of the vehicle, your eyes see the light reflected from objects outside e.g. cars, scenery etc. and blend in the black. Very cool! 


Are these graphics placed on the inside or outside of the window surface?

All see-through window graphics are applied to the outside of the glass surface.


Will these graphics damage or be damaged by window tint or  defrosters?

No. these graphics apply to the outside of the glass and will not effect, or be effected by tints or factory window defrosters






Where are these graphics made?

All ClearVue Graphics are designed and printed in the United States of America.


Prior to installation, my new ClearVue Graphic appears somewhat dull. The colors are not that bright and vivid. Will this change after I install it?

Yes, once the peel away layer has been removed, the colors will increase in brightness and clarity.


Can the graphics be installed on a truck with a sliding window?

Yes, the graphic can either be placed over the framework of the sliding window for great continuity or trimmed to show the frame.













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