VA- Pioneering an animal protection model

VA- Pioneering an animal protection model

Peaceable Farm Survivors is dedicated to donating to this cause!

Once this process is fully defined and streamlined in our state, 
it will be easily adoptable in yours!



"Our mission is to better protect animals by uniting like-minded individuals, identifying resources, providing standardized training for officials and volunteers and streamlining processes to quickly recognize and mitigate animal crisis situations."

How will we accomplish this?

“This group includes animal owners and professionals motivated by the horrific animal cruelty case found on October 19, 2015 at Peaceable Farm, Somerset, Orange Co, Virginia.  Our goal is to review, identify insufficiencies, suggest enhancements, modifications, amendments, and increase specificity regarding the animal neglect and cruelty laws, investigation procedures, animal control protocols, prosecution and penalties in the Commonwealth.  Our focus is on standardizing the implementation of all animal laws across all counties, and sourcing funding for basic, supplementary and enhanced animal control training. We are committed to providing Animal Control Officers the necessary training, tools, systems, algorithms and professional advisory panel to better protect and serve all animals of Virginia. We would like to design and implement an Animal Crisis Response Team of on-call professionals for each and every county to utilize. Such a Team would be automatically activated when an animal case presents itself to law enforcement with greater than 5 animals involved. We are dedicated to the inter-county communication of records pertaining to animal neglect and cruelty convictions as well as citations and current/past investigations.  Our work on reviewing and updating rescue status in the state will prevent another tragedy like this one from happening again.  And we will never forget.”

Anna L. Russau, VMD
Warrenton Horse Works, PLC

"We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act, but a habit." -- Aristotle

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