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3.  We'd love to know how you like our product!

3. We'd love to know how you like our product!

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"Just ordered my second cover. My Husband and I have both managed to break our Car key that has an expensive computer chip in it. Since the key still works but had no way of attaching to a key chain, I turned to Clicker Slickers and found the small open ended covers perfect for a regular car key. It works brilliantly well and has saved us nearly $400 in key replacement costs! Thanks for coming to our rescue twice now!"- J. Thomas 3/9/2010

"I ordered two of these last week and needless to say I was thrilled at how quick I received them. (six days) We had two remotes with broken loops and information I received was that I needed a whole new key remote from the dealer and to have it programmed = $$$$. I knew there had to be a better solution and went on the internet and found clicker slickers. These are EXACTLY what we needed. They are very well made and I've shown them to everyone I've seen in the past two days! I can't believe the quality. I recommend these to anyone regardless if your remote is broken or not." - Wendy 2/23/10

"Solved the problem and just as described. Would order again without hesitation."- Susan H 1/10/10

"My husband has had a broken loop on his key for YEARS and is always losing it. When mine broke I was petrified I would end up like him, always searching when I was in a rush. I wondered if such covers exsisted and considered those rubber ones, but I thought for sure that could break just as easily. Once I found Clicker Slickers it was no contest. This thing will LAST. I love that grommet and feel so safe that it's not going to fall off my keychain and leave me stranded. The fact it's stylish with my monogram custom added is a bonus too. Thanks so much!"  -Pam 12/10/09

"I received my remote cover yesterday. The shipping was pretty fast; I ordered it Sunday and received it on Friday. The piece that attached my remote to the key chain broke a few months back, and I had lost it countless times. I finally found these, and I love mine already."- Robin 10/5/09

"I broke the end of my Scion key fob and searched the internet for something to fix it. I found the shells that you can take the electronics out of your old shell and put them into the new one. But for nearly $30, this didn't seem like a good idea, afterall, the new shells would break sooner or later. I finally stumbled across the Clicker Slicker and I thought, "Now there's a good idea"! I bought one and I have been using it for a couple of months now. I'm a guy so I was a bit worried about the bulk in my pocket but that is not a concern. The leather is very soft and light, yet strong. The nice "side effect" is that it desensitizes the buttons a bit. I have yet to sit down in the house and accidentally set off my panic alarm! Again, having this in my pocket everyday, I was a little concerned about the durability and I know it hasn't been long but it appears to be holding up very well. It looks just like it did when I took it out of the mailer. Great idea and well made!!" - Max H 8/5/2009

"Just received my remote tote, this is GREAT! saved me $200.00 for a new one. Just like so many other people is my remote still worked but the key ring had broken. I would recommend this to any one that this has happened too. I also think it a great idea even if your car remote has not broken as it keeps it safe and stops the wear and tear on the plastic key ring that holds your keys." - Patti C  5/29/09

"I finally re.c'd my cover and I love it. The quality is better than I EXPECTED... JUST A SUGGESTION OFFER A CHARM TO GO ALONG WITH THE COVER FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE IT MAY GO OVER BIG... GOOD LUCK..."- Marcia S  5/12/09

 "The remote cover blew away my expectations!!! I am not easy to please and consider myself very discriminating when it comes to quality....and the cover was so well designed with a snug fit (I was expecting bulk - and was worried) in good quality leather. It looks like it will go the distance!!! I will recommend Clicker Slickers to everyone I know! Thanks again!" - R Mangaraj  4/25/09

"I love this! My husband broke his clicker so he took mine... well guess what he then broke mine... so for about 2 years or so i kept my clicker and key in a small coin purse.... Do you know how many times i had to go drive and unlock our van for my hubby because he left the clicker in the car? at least 3 times! i bought 2 of these!" - A Mare 4/8/09

"Love remote totes,we had 2 broken remotes and it saved us a fortune in replacement fees. They arrived in 2 bus. days. I had one years ago and loved it and was so excited to be able to find them again on-line. I would recommend to anyone, Thanks again!!!!!"-  C Sullvan 2/17/09

" I was searching the internet for a new fob for my mother in law.  She did not want to pay $200 for a new fob, so I was trying to find a used 1 on line in hopes that we could just change out the case.  I found clicker slickers and it was just what was needed, and cheaper than a used fob online.  Shipping was super fast, received it the same week it was ordered.  Thanks! ! Mother In Law is soooo happy.  I think I might be her favorite Daughter In Law now."- Rhoda 2/14/09 

" I was about 5 seconds from bidding on a whole new fob when I wondered if they made a cover for it. To my absolute delight........I found this website. I received my cover in just a couple of days and it is so wonderful to have my keyless entry back with me. Thanks! "  -  Robin  11/24/2008

" I received my leather remote tote in just a few days. The medium size fit my 2001 Buick Century remote keychain perfectly. I had bought another product which was made of rubber and didn't hold up-don't think I will ever have a problem with this one. Would glady recommend your product. Thank you.'  - Carl 10/13/2008

"I love it! I had no idea what to do when the plastic loop broke on my remote. I stumbled across a magazine ad for a similar product, but I wasn't all that impressed with it, so I did a search online and came across this company. I ordered on Monday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday! Super fast! I reccomend these things for anyone who has a remote...broken or not!"  - Sandra 9/26/08

 "Thanks for sending the remote totes so quickly! They are very good quality and fit perfectly...we plan to purchase one more for additional was the perfect solution to our broken key loop handle on the remote without having to go to the dealer to activate a whole new one--we saved 100 dollars--well worth it!" -  Alpa 9/9/08

 " I searched everywhere for a solution to my broken remote problem, and when I found Remote Totes I was ecstatic! The tote was a perfect fit and I no longer have to fumble for my remote when I am in a rush. The tote is adorable and the shipping was fast! Thank you! " - Andrea 9/9/08

" I thought I had to purchase a new remote but thanks to my mechanic who ordered me the Remote Tote, I will be saving a substantial sum...and recommending this to my friends and family."  - M Young  7/2/08

"These Remote Totes are the absolute best and everyone should buy one! They protect and they look great too. I just bought three more as gifts for my friends. Thank you for such an amazing product. :)"  - Cathy  5/19/08

"I am really glad I found this product. I had to buy a replacement once and it cost me almost $300. The plastic loop just broke on another remote, so I'm happy that this addresses the problem instead of having to fork over big bucks again. Will you run a special for Christmas because I think my family members would love these!" - Carlos M  4/19/2008

"Received the larger size tote and it is amazing how much difference that ¼  inch makes. Definitely a much better fit, if this lasts as long as my Prius Totes have lasted, it will be a while till I need a replacement. Once again thank you for your no hassle “fit” guarantee."  -Jack E 4/8/08

"Gracious that was fast! I got them today!  Thanks!  I'll be sure to tell my friends. Continued success."  - Cathy Jo  2/22/08

 "I look forward to receiving my order. I bought one of your totes for my daughter last year at Interstate Battery here in Houston. Now I need one, and they didn't have any when I went back last week. I'm so glad they're available online. They're the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks."  - Cathy Jo 2/22/08

"Thanks for a great product. Perfect fit. Key chain part is nice too. Sure beats replacing the remote.  Will definitely recommend. Have a great day!"  -  Bob W  11/13/07

"I just got my Remote Tote and love it. I think it is going to work very well.  Thank you soooooo much and I will tell my friends."-  Vicki A 11/18/07


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