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Zipka 2
Ultra-compact 4 LED headlamp with retractable cord, three lighting modes (two continuous and one strobe)

The ultra-compact ZIPKA² headlamp is equipped with the ZIP retractable cord system. This feature allows the headlamp to be worn on the head or wrist, or attached to any other support, like a tent pole, etc. This headlamp is extremely versatile, thanks to its three lighting levels (maximum, economic and strobe), which are accessed with a simple electronic push-button switch. In maximum mode, the four LEDs deliver 40 lumens of light and provide enough light to see over a distance of 29 meters.
In economic mode, the lifetime of the batteries can be extended to up to 120 hours for a long burn-time. The battery compartment is now hinged for easier access along with an easier to use closure system.

• Compact, light and comfortable:
- 25 % more compact than the TIKKA ² headlamp
- single compartment contains LEDs and batteries
- ZIP retractable cord is adjustable

• Versatile and energy efficient:
- Three lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe mode)
- 120 h light duration at economic level

• Easy to use:
- electronic push-button switch
- battery pack is easy to open
- ADAPT system is quick to mount

• Four LEDs:
- 40 lumens (maximum level)
- shines up to 29 meters (maximum level)

• Reliable:
- push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage

• - ZIP retractable cord is made of Dyneema® for excellent durability

• Compatible with lithium batteries:
- lighter than alkaline batteries
- better performance at lower temperatures
Features Benefits
Retractable Cord System
4 LEDs
3 lighting levels (maximum, economic and strobe)
40 lumens
Lights up to 29 meters
Up to 120 hours in economic mode
Compatible with lithium batteries

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