Your purchase supports the Peaceable Farm Survivors!

Your purchase supports the Peaceable Farm Survivors!

Conversano II Aloha II affectionately known to the world as "Lou"
Original acrylic on canvas by artist Becky Reid
On October 19, 2015 our local community became aware of a horrific reality.  Hundreds of animals were suffering or dying on a farm in Orange County, VA.  To this day, the story is still unfolding, and it can be difficult to separate truth from rumor,  but there is one reality of which we are certain.

 Five area equine rescues desperately need your help!  

The task is enormous as healthy horses can cost $150+ per month to maintain, and many of these poor souls are far from healthy.  This will be an ongoing need for a long time to come.  For this reason, I chose to paint a portrait of the most high profile horse who sadly lost his life in this horrible situation.  May this special tribute to his memory help his fellow souls recover and thrive.

Why this website?  It is all set up and has the needed shipping and payment methods to quickly accomodate this effort without adding additional costs. (More money can go directly to the rescues!)

If you wish to sell these products at your place of business or on your website, please contact me so that we can set up a wholesale or dropship account for you.

Your donation through the purchase of these prints, canvases and greeting cards will benefit the equine rescue groups who took on this enormous burden.  Please spread the word that these items are available!  We will start shipping your purchases out late next week!

10 Card pack includes envelopes

High Quality Lustre Finish Prints

Great for framing, we offer both 8x10 and 11x14.  Other sizes available.  Just let us know what size you would like!
Shipping is $10 for the first item to allow us to properly pack the print so it will arrive undamaged.  Additional prints to the same address will not incur additional shipping charges.

Canvas Wraps make gorgeous, ready to hang artwork.  Premium canvas is used to reproduce the artwork which is then stretched on 1.5 inch heavy duty stretcher bars.  Add a frame, or simply hang on the wall!  The canvas is a very vibrant reproduction, durable and is sealed so that dust can simply be wiped away.   The next best thing to the original!  Sizes ranging from 8x10 to 24x32

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