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Headlamps make the best flashlight!

If you work outside, cook on the grill, need to change a tire, enjoy walking your dog at night, or want the peace of mind of a personal safety device, a headlamp may be for you! Headlamps offer a lightweight, handsfree lighting solution that automatically illuminates in the direction you are looking.

Petzl headlamps are quality LED lights that come with a variety of options to fit every budget and need.   Whether you wish to have a headlamp that has a 10 year battery life when stored in your glovebox for emergencies, or you prefer the flexibility of a headlamp with a retractable cord that can be quickly adjusted for placement on your arm, wrist, or forehead, there is a Petzl headlamp for you!

Use headlamps to:

  • Make grilling food more visible
  • Walk your dog in the evenings
  • Make evening outdoor activities more enjoyable
  • Allow for handsfree light to change a tire
  • Alert other motorists in emergency situations

Let us know how you use YOUR Petzl headlamp!

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Headlamps with retractable cords!

These headlamps are particularly useful.  The retractable cord makes them small and compact so they are easily tucked into a pocketbook or glove compartment or stored on doorknobs so that they are easily accessible.  Wear them on your:

  •   head
  •   wrist
  •   arm/leg

or attached to many surfaces such as:

  • tent poles
  • backpacks
  • wheelchairs
  • bicycles  

You can even slip on over your dog's head to make him visible to traffic!  
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