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Keyless Remote Covers!

 Don't spend over $200 to replace a broken car alarm remote!

  Introducing  an innovative new product, the

  Remote ToteTM  keyless entry cover!


Only $12.99!

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One of our thousands of customers says:

 " ...I had bought another product which was made of rubber and didn't hold up

-don't think I will ever have a problem with this one. Would glady recommend your product. "

These leather remote covers come in small, medium, large, and extra

 large to accomodate all types of car alarm remotes, smart keys,  and keyless

entry devices for home security and garage opening systems.

  We also offer customized remote covers Choose from our existing

selection or request a monogram or a painting of your favorite image or pet on your choice of

 car remote pouch.    A perfect gift idea!


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   In 2008 Clicker Slickers (a division of the eCanopy marketing group) was formed to assist with the promotion and retail sales of a fashionable yet fuctional product; the Remote ToteTM  key fob cover.   Since then we have added many other products that enhance your driving experience such as gorgeous window graphics, pewter keychains, and logo trailer hitch covers.

 Remote TotesTM  car clicker covers were created in response to a dilemma that the founder's husband approached her with in early 2003.  The plastic ring had worn through and his car remote control had separated from his key chain.  He needed a solution before it got misplaced.  Little did they realize as she sat down to sew a simple pouch that she was, in fact, creating a prototype for an item that would gain huge popularity in the years to come!  Her husband was very impressed with her creation and had previously witnessed the outcome of her entrepreneurial spirit.  He quickly encouraged her to patent a product that certainly served the need of keyless entry key fob owners, but didn't yet exist in the marketplace!

   Reattach a broken car remote

A simple idea, a lot of work, attention to detail, and a determination to protect jobs in the USA while providing a top-of-the-line product has made Remote TotesTM keyless entry covers the successful company that it is today.  Over 500,000 individuals around the world own a Remote ToteTM key fob cover for their car remotes and over 2,000 car dealerships keep these auto remote covers in stock. 

   If your car remote breaks  

 Do you have money to throw down the drain?

   Why buy a replacement car alarm remote for hundreds of dollars  when for a fraction of the cost you can solve your problems with a  Remote Tote™ key fob jacket?  This stylish key remote jacket is an attractive, cost effective way to limit the wear and tear of a new car alarm remote.  In addition, it can help you keep track of a damaged unit by offering a simple way to reattach a broken casing to your key set and replace your key chain, saving hundreds of dollars as well as needless aggravation!  

  Works right through the Remote Tote™auto remote cover!


 Simply place the remote in the key fob jacket and thread the key ring back through the grommets located at the top.  This puts the pressure of the key ring against the sturdy metal grommets of the auto remote cover rather than the plastic loop on the key fob which tends to wear through after a  period of time.   A tote will help protect your car remote or key fob from: 

 Damage from dropping your keys

 The plastic loop breaking off

 Rain and water damage

  Wearing away of the information buttons

 Accidental activation from being overly sensitive when placed in a pocket or purse

Ideal protection for other keyless entry systems such as ADT remotes and Realtor® key fobs  


These colorful key fob covers are made of genuine garmet quality leather

and are offered in four universal sizes

Only $12.99!

Buy three or more leather covers and receive a 10% discount! 

Order a painted monogrammed car remote cover as a special gift! 

Proudly made in the USA!

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