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A perfect way to protect your

expensive SmartKey!

An alternative to a replacement remote!


 key fob cover

How expensive and inconvenient would it be if the your car suddenly stopped working due to a broken remote? The fact is, some key fobs and replacement car remotes can cost as much as $200 because most require special programming! In addition, if your key fob is misplaced or you end up with a broken remote, you may be greatly inconvenienced if you do not know how to manually disarm your car's alarm system.

Instead, why not protect your investment?  A key fob case is an attractive, cost effective way to limit the wear and tear of a new key fob.  In addition, it can help you keep track of a damaged unit by offering a simple way to reattach a broken casing to your key set, saving hundreds of dollars as well as needless aggravation!

Simply place the remote in the tote and thread the key ring back through the grommets located at the top.  This puts the pressure of the ring against the sturdy metal grommets of the tote rather than the plastic loop on the remote which tends to wear through after a period of time.

 leather key fob cover



  key fob case will help protect your remote/key fob from:  

  • The plastic loop breaking off  
  • Damage from dropping your keys  
  • Rain and water damage
  • Wearing away of the information buttons   
  • Damage from small children or pets
  • Accidental activation from being overly sensitive when placed in a pocket or purse

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