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 Tips to keep control of your auto remote!

If your remote is only working intermittently, it may be time to change the battery.  This is usually a simple procedure, but care should be taken that the delicate interior components are not disturbed.  In addition, it is important to notice the orientation of the existing 3v battery before you remove it so that you can position the new battery properly.  The (+/-) sides must be aligned correctly in order for your remote to function.   Most car alarm shops or battery stores carry these types of batteries and are happy to replace them for you. You can find them in the yellow pages

Do you know how to disarm your car alarm?

If your alarm has been activated, it is likely that you will be unable to start your car if you lose your remote, or it suddenly malfunctions, unless you know how to manually bypass the system.  Most late model vehicles have a bypass switch installed under the dash.  Ordinarily, you'll need to turn the ignition with your key, then press the switch under the dash in order to accomplish this task.  There are a variety of ways that manufacturers recommend to reactivate the alarm, so if you are unable to find instructions in your owners manual, it may be necessary to consult with your mechanic or dealer. 

If you have deactivated your alarm, but have found it necessary to jump start a dead car battery, do not be surprised to find that your alarm has rearmed itself.  In absence of a functioning remote, you may find that you will once again need to manually deactivate the alarm before the car with actually start.  If you have lost your remote altogether, it may be possible to completely disable your alarm system.

Mortal Enemies of remote controls and key fobs

At the time, car keys and key chains may seem like the perfect toy to amuse your toddler!  You may later regret this decision when you find that you are suddenly stranded due to a non functioning car remote!   In addition to dirt and grit affecting the buttons, it is quite common that auto remotes will malfunction after getting wet.  To avoid this, if you suddenly realize that your car remote has been used as a pacifier or teething ring, or Fido has dragged it out into the rain, it's important to be proactive about drying the inside of the car remote before corrosion has a chance to set in and interfere with the battery contacts.  This can be accomplished by removing the cover and carefully blow drying the components with a low heat setting. If you find that you are too late and that rust is present, it is sometimes possible to salvage the key fob by using sand paper to carefully remove the corrosion.

Never have an auto remote without a key fob cover !

The best friend of your car remote or key fob!

Manufacturer's Guaranty

"Regardless of where you purchase your Remote Tote™ , we will stand behind our product 100%. In the unlikely event that you find defects in workmanship or are not pleased with the product, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to rectify the situation. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product."

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