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Car battery charger

No need to learn how to jump start a car!

Startmeup2 car battery charger

Startmeup2 car battery charger

Startmeup2 car battery charger
The StartMeUp2 Emergency Jump Starter is a unique automobile safety product. Simply stated the product allows the operator to jump start a car without another car, without leaving the vehicle, raising the hood, fumbling with risky jumper cables or flagging down a stranger to beg for a jump. Stay in your vehicle, safe and secure; no need for jump start car instructions, simply jump start car through a cigarette lighter. Plug the unit into the vehicle's cigarette lighter or power port; wait 5 minutes then start your vehicle and drive away. It's that simple! The product is designed to work on all 4, 6 and 8 cylinder gas powered cars, light trucks and SUVs which operate on a 12 volt electrical system. Will not work with diesel engines.

 The current model of the StartMeUp is the only model of car battery charger that is in warranty and has a two year shelf life.  You will see other StartMeUp car battery charger models advertised on the major auction sites but, unfortunately, they are out of warranty and the shelf life has expired.





Is the StartMeUp2 car battery charger backed by a guarantee?

We guarantee this car battery charger to be free from manufacturer defects. Liability under this warranty is limited to the replacing of any portable car battery charger found to be defective under normal use.

Will the StartMeUp2 car battery charger work on my car?

The StartMeUp2 Emergency Jump Starter cigarette lighter charger works with all 4, 6, and 8 cylinder gas powered cars, SUVs and light trucks with 12 volt electrical systems. This portable car battery charger does not work on diesel engines.

Will the StartMeUp2 car battery charger repair my battery or fix other electrical problems?

The StartMeUp2 car battery charger will not start a mechanically defective battery or electrical malfunction. A mechanically defective battery is one that has a defective cell. An electrical malfunction could be defective cabling, defective alternator or starter. The StartMeUp2 will boost a car battery that has lost surface charge commonly caused by leaving the head lights on, interior lights or radio. The product re-establishes the battery's surface charge so you can start up again.

Can I use it over and over again?

The technology to re-charge this type of product has not yet been developed. This is a disposible auto battery charger which is designed to get you out of a jam or emergency situation, typically in an isolated location where easily reached roadside service is not available, or will be time consuming, dangerous or costly. It is at this time you'll be glad you have a StartMeUpcar battery charger!

Where should I store the portable car battery charger?

Most people carry this battery power pack in their glove box or in the trunk for quick access when they need a car battery jumpstart.  Exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures may cause the car battery charger not to work. Safe temperature range is -20 to +120 degrees.

How does the StartMeUp2 car battery charger work and how long does it take to charge my car battery?

The StartMeUp2 battery charger takes the mystery out of how to jumpstart a car.  Simply plug the StartMeUp2 into your cigarette lighter, the unit will recharge a weak car battery in 5 minutes.

What if my car battery charger is defective?

If you need to return the battery charger that is defective, you must first contact our Customer Service Department for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Send your request via email to NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Please include your original order number for verification.

All car battery chargers that are returned must:

All products returned must be 100 percent complete, contain ALL original boxes and packing materials, contain all manuals and documentation (including Invoice) provided by the manufacturer. Customer is responsible for shipping charges on return items. We strongly recommend you fully insure your return shipment in case it is lost or damaged and you use a carrier that can provide you with proof of delivery for your protection.


We will replace the defective car battery charger (on a one to one basis) if returned within the one year limited warranty period from the date of purchase.

Upon obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from follow the return procedure listed above for shipping. Upon arrival, the technicians will evaluate the product and verify the defect. If defective, will exchange the unit free of charge. will pay all shipping and handling charges on the returning the new product.




  Takes the anxiety of out of how to jumpstart a car
A perfect solution for new drivers or individuals who are not comfortable with how to jump start a car.  No more guesswork!  Simply put the 
StartMeUp2 car battery charger into your cigarette lighter and wait for it to charge your weak car battery.  There is no reason to leave the safety of your car, and no need to involve dangerous jumper cables to accomplish a car battery jump start.

Charges in 5 minutes
Provides 36 volts of emergency power when your car battery fails. StartMeUp2 is guaranteed to work if the starter clicks or the engine cranks too slowly to start. Simply plug in the patented StartMeUp2 to jump start a car battery through your cigarette lighter and in about 5 minutes you will jump start a car battery and are ready to go!

Always Ready to GO
StartMeUp2, The Emergency Jump Starter, is ready to use right out of the box. We require no pre-charging and no maintenance charging like our competitors require. Simply unpack your StartMeUp2 car battery charger and place in your glove box as an emergency car battery charger.  Under normal conditions your StartMeUp2 car battery charger will remain charged until you need it the most; when you require a battery jump start!

No Jumper Cables
Jumper cables can be dirty, hard to use, and just plain scary!  Even if you have jumper cables and can find someone to give you a car jump start, the jumper cables may not reach the other car. With StartMeUp2car battery charger,  you are always in control.

Safe For Your Car
Jumper cables and battery-based car chargers can cause power surges that may damage your car's electrical and computer systems. But the microchip in StartMeUp2 portable car battery charger eliminates electronic surges for safer jump starting.  It is the perfect cigarette lighter battery charger.

Palm Size Portable Car Battery Charger
StartMeUp2 car battery charger's palm size design is small enough to fit right in your glove compartment so it's always there when you need it!  The perfect solution for when you need to jump start car batteries!

Environmentally Safe
StartMeUp2 car battery charger contains no hazardous lead, mercury or cadmium in the battery charger. The car battery jump start unit is completely disposable!

Advanced Technology
Other car battery chargers can take up to 45 minutes to work. Only StartMeUp2's advanced energy cell, power burst technology of 36 volts works safely and conveniently, in about 5 minutes, while you stay inside your car! Even a fully charged battery may not produce enough power in cold weather to start your car. While regular car batteries deliver 12 volts of power StartMeUp2 car battery charger delivers a full 36 volts! StartMeUp2 portable car battery charger provides extra energy that ensures the flow of power to your vehicle's battery, bringing your car back to life.

Use while safely in your car
This revolutionary new product allows you to jump your battery without ever leaving the safety and comfort of your car! No standing outside in cold or rainy weather. No more worries about being parked in a 'bad area' and having to get out of your car. No need to ask strangers for help. With StartMeUp2 car battery charger you stay safely and comfortably inside your vehicle.


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